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Gods and Goddesses novel
Gods and Goddesses
Written by: John Byrne
Published: October 8, 1997
Length: 320 pages
ISBN: 0761504834

Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses is a 1997 novel featuring Wonder Woman.

Official Description

Diana Prince, heroine of countless good deeds as Wonder Woman, is accused of bringing evil to Man's world. Her relationship with her closest friend, Helena Sandsmark, is turned into a powerful weapon against them both. The most potent ammunition comes from Helena's own daughter, Cassandra, who idolizes Wonder Woman but spreads unspeakable rumors against her. A zealous televangelist leads the movement to destroy Diana, focusing the burning anger of her many followers on the pagan gods to whom Wonder Woman ascribes her very existence.

Amid all this disorder, a gentle priest journeys with Wonder Woman to Olympus to discover the reality of religion. But cataclysmic turmoil is evident even in the realm of the gods and goddesses: Themyscira, Diana's birthplace and the home of the Amazons, lies in ruins from a tumultuous battle.Back in the world of mortals, angry crowds are massed. From Chicago to Metropolis to Gateway City, their demand is the same: Wonder Woman must confess to her dark schemes and never again interfere in the affairs of the human race. Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses casts grave doubts on accepted truths and pits Diana Prince against her greatest challenge yet.

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