Come Back to Me
"Come Back to Me"
Series Justice League Giant
Release Date November 12, 2019

Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me is the trade paperback collection of Wonder Woman stories appearing in issues of the Justice League Giant title launched in 2018 and sold exclusively in select Walmart stores.

The story is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Chad Hardin.

Official description

Joining Wonder Woman on her search for Steve Trevor is none other than his commanding officer and jack-of-all-trades Etta Candy! The two quickly find themselves trapped in a mysterious storm and land on a mysterious uncharted island. Is this where Steve went? If so, he may not have survived as the island is overrun with lost relics of the past, present and future all colliding at once! As if things weren't bad enough, lurking in the shadows is Wonder Woman's deadliest foe, the Cheetah!

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