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Wonder Girl Diana WWv1 107
Wonder Girl
Real name Princess Diana
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #105 (April 1959)
Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Affiliations Wonder Woman Family
Abilities Amazon

Wonder Girl is the named used by Wonder Woman during her teenage years on Paradise Island.

She first appeared in a story called "The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman: A Wonder Girl Story" from Wonder Woman v1 #105. Stilling living among Man's World, Queen Hippolyta is visited by the Gods of Olympus who bestow gifts upon her infant daughter. Years later, when war has wiped out all their people's men, it becomes necessary for the Amazons to find a secret island to make their home. Overnight, Hippolyta's daughter crafts a seaworthy ship with her own two hands, using "lightning speed, astonishing strength, and dazzling skill." Those who witness this feat proclaim, "SHE IS ... A ... WONDER GIRL!"

In "The Impossible Day" from Wonder Woman v1 #124, it becomes possible for Wonder Woman to meet the Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot versions of herself using Amazonian technology. Following requests to see the team-up made in thousands of letters, Queen Hippolyta takes to her experimental photo lab to splice together footage of Diana at different ages. Using a "miniature automatic transistor projector", Hippolyta and Diana watch "home movies" of their adventures as the Wonder Woman Family. Following their battle with the Multiple Man, it appears as though the story only happened within the projection of spliced footage. However, in the present, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor look upon cave paintings of the Wonder Woman Family fighting Multiple Man as a dinosaur, suggesting that the tale took place. Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium and The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia establish these tales as having taken place on Earth 124.1.

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