What follows is a list of guidelines that should be followed when creating and editing articles. If there are questions, feel free to post them on the talk page.

  • All articles should relate to Wonder Woman. For example, an article about the Joker should include information directly related to his dealings with and appearances in Wonder Woman stories.
  • Similar to Wikipedia's policy, it's best to adhere to a Neutral Point of View (NPOV) when writing for wiki articles. So, words like "interestingly" or writing from a personal perspective with phrases like "I believe" should be avoided. Since anyone can edit an article, the viewpoint could radically change with each edit. To help the growth of the article, keeping the tone in NPOV is a good practice.
  • If an article is copied over from Wikipedia or another Wikia wiki, all redlinks of irrelevance to this wiki should be removed.
  • Please limit the amount of data added to infoboxes. A lot of wikis use these to present statistical information about a subject, but they have a tendency to overcrowd the article. In most cases, a lot of the fields are unnecessary or impossible to complete leading to guesses or a lot of "unknown" entries. Details about the topic in question should be handled in the body of the article.
  • Categories are a tool for navigating the wiki. They should be used minimally to help readers find content. It's not necessary to excessively categorize, for example, a character such as Giganta in categories for "Villainy Inc" and "Injustice League" when the articles for those topics already cover a list of characters featured on those teams. Please refrain from categorizing beyond the most basic category for a topic.
  • It's not necessary to detail a character's power set in extensive detail. We're not an RPG guide book for stats, so superpower abilities should be descriptive (and brief) as they directly relate to the character. If this is your jam, you may want to check out w:c:vsbattles or w:c:powerlisting

Contributors who refuse to adhere to these guidelines, and/or ignore messages left in an attempt to communicate with other wiki editors, may be uninvited from collaborating on this project.

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