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Hi, I'm Scott. I co-founded Muppet Wiki in 2005.
I worked for Wikia from September 2007 to October 2011.
If you see me poking around on your favorite wiki, please say hello.

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Wonder Woman kittens Steve Rude

Steve Rude, Wonder Woman v2 #200

Wonder Woman Garb of Justice

Wonder Woman Garb of Justice

montage by WWWiki founder, Alex7000

Wonder Women doc credits

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Wonder Woman is a character who has meant a great deal to me for many years. I grew up enamored with Christopher Reeve's Superman, but I was little late for Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. As I didn't start paying attention to comics until high school, and Superman took up much of that reading time, I missed out on Wonder Woman there as well.

Finally, I was properly introduced to Diana by Wonder Woman Wiki founder Alex7000 sometime in the early 2000s with what is probably still her best origin story as told by George Perez following DC's post-Crisis reboot. Since then, her stories have inspired, informed, and encouraged a positive outlook on the world for me.

Serving as an admin on this wiki is my way of recycling some of that energy back into an informative database that I hope to help keep clean, concise, and easy to navigate. If you're as excited as I am to work on this project, feel free to join in, and hit me up on my message wall if you have any questions.


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  • Manual of Style
  • franchise pages for DC Super Pets, DC Super Hero Girls, and possibly break out DC Super Friends into (toys), (books), and (comics)
  • structure pages for v1-3
  • release dates from comixology
  • DC Animated Movies WW-focused summaries and screenshots

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