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Hello, and thanks for visiting my profile page! My name is Paul and I'm the founder of this Wonder Woman Wiki. I'm happy to help fellow admins and editors - and hopefully you - make this wiki a valuable resource for all things Wonder Woman.

We've got committed admins contributing to the comic book sections. So my primary focus will be strengthening our articles of Wonder Woman in other media, including film and television. I'm also committed to building a clean and coherent indexing system; I'll be streamlining article names for clarity, integrity, and search engine optimization. Linking and category structures will also be simplified for cleaner, less cumbersome navigation.

As Fandom advances and evolves, our wiki will endeavor to meet the technical and aesthetic demands of the site and offer the best reading and editing experience to our visitors and contributors. To that end, I'll be exploring all the ways we can utilize the latest Fandom resources.

As always, I invite your ideas and encourage your suggestions. I'll answer all questions and address any concerns. Just leave me a message on my Message Wall and I get right back to you.

On the personal side, I'm a life-long Wonder Woman fan, who still reads her monthly adventures. I've had the pleasure of seeing Lynda Carter in concert and meeting her after the show! If you've browsed online videos, you might have seen some of my Wonder Woman tributes and mash-ups on my YouTube Channel. I'm also launching a new Wonder Woman podcast with some friends called Satin Tights where we'll explore the 70s' television series.

And, of course, I can't wait for Wonder Woman (2017)!

That's it for now. See you around the wiki - and happy editing!

Paul K. Bisson

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75 Years, 75 Wonder Women

75 Years, 75 Wonder Women

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  • Characters
    • Doctor Poison
  • Comic Issues
    • Wonder Woman v1 228-243 (reflecting the ABC-TV WWII)
    • Wonder Woman v1 212-222 (The Twelve Labors)

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