Circe - Wonder Woman's most powerful foe?

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Graphic Novels

These are the Wonder Woman graphic novels that I've read:

  • Wonder Woman: Odyssey (Volume 1)
  • Wonder Woman: Odyssey (Volume 2)
  • Justice League: Origin



These are the animated Wonder Woman films that I have seen:

Wonder Woman Movie

I think Wonder Woman deserves a movie of her own, she is one of the most powerful female superheroes and deserves a good movie to show the world that she is. I would love to see Kate Beckinsale play Wonder Woman but she apparantly said she wouldn't which is a shame because I think she would be perfect.

My casting

  • Oh and if they wanted to do a story where Flash and Wonder Woman team up against Zoom and Cheetah (Barbara Minerva) then:
    • Matthew Fox and Josh Hartnett as The Flash and Zoom. Zoom is sometimes a WW enemy anyway and a cameo from the Flash would help set up a JLA movie!

To Do

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