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Trevor Barnes
Real name Trevor August Barnes
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #170 (July 2001)
Created by Phil Jimenez, Joe Kelly
Affiliations U.N. Rural Development, Vivian Barnes (sister)


Trevor was an employee of the United Nations Organization for Rural Development, which had much concern for Central America and India. He mentions that he and a friend, Daryl, were "the greenest children in the Peace Corps in West Africa". From this point, he becomes known to the tabloids as the boyfriend of Wonder Woman.

When he travels to India, he is guided by two goddesses, Karisin of India and Lady Ala of Zambia, to save Diana's what they call The Shattered God, which is the key to his defeat, to manage to get momentum on their mission Lady Ala gives Trevor a blessing to the gods.

Trevor finds Diana and asks her to first officially dating, but are interrupted by Shattered God, Diana then transfer their knowledge to Trevor, through a kiss. With the knowledge of Diana, Trevor uses the Invisible Jet to transport himself to the dimension where the gods would be arrested,but the attempt proves unsuccessful because Shattered God turns it possesses Trevor.

Trevor insists that Diana kill him for so Shattered will die too. After the gods were restored, Diana Trevor get away from the Shattered God. For so the gods destroy the Shattered God, Trevor dies of old age in the arms of Diana, saying that "it was worth everything."


  • Creator Phil Jimenez said that this character was based on an acquaintance, who "just happened" really to have the name "Trevor." Apparently PJ had not been informed that comics creators can change names in order to improve stories.
  • Trevor has a tendency to talk to himself. A lot.
  • Trevor becomes one of the rare humans to visit Olympus when he helps Diana investigate the disappearance of the gods.
  • In issue 191 he suddenly starts to be referred to as "Doctor Barnes."
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