Milestones throughout the real world history of Wonder Woman.

*comic book dates reflect the on-sale date, not the cover date


Bullet-comic October 21-25: Wonder Woman first appears in All Star Comics #8
Bullet-comic November 7: Sensation Comics begins a 106 issue run


Bullet-comic July 22: Wonder Woman v1 begins a 329 issue run
Bullet-comic December 16: Comic Cavalcade launches, Wonder Woman features until issue #29 (August 1948)


Bullet-comic May 8: the Wonder Woman newspaper strip premieres and runs until December 1945


Bullet-tv Wonder Girl appears on The Superman ⁄ Aquaman Hour of Adventure, pre-dating Wonder Woman's on-screen debut by five years
Bullet-tv Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? pilot produced (never aired)


Bullet-book July: Wonder Woman appears on the cover of Ms. magazine
Bullet-book December: Wonder Woman: A Ms. Book released
Bullet-tv December 2: Wonder Woman makes her first ever on-screen appearance in The Brady Kids


Bullet-tv September 8: Super Friends premieres


Bullet-tv March 12: Wonder Woman TV movie with Cathy Lee Crosby airs


Bullet-tv November 7: pilot for Lynda Carter series airs


Bullet-tv April 21: first season of Lynda Carter series premieres
Bullet-book September: The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes: Volume 2 released


Bullet-tv September 16: second season of Lynda Carter series premieres


Bullet-tv September 22: third season of Lynda Carter series premieres


Bullet-comic November 6: Wonder Woman v2 begins a 226 issue run


Bullet-tv November 5: Wonder Woman appears on the Ruby-Spears Superman animated series


Bullet-game October 27: Justice League Task Force released


Bullet-comic July 10: Wonder Woman Gallery released


Bullet-book October 8: Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses released


Bullet-book October 1: Wonder Woman: The Complete History


Bullet-comic November 14: Spirit of Truth released
Bullet-tv November 17: Justice League the animated series premieres


Bullet-comic June 19: The Hiketeia released
Bullet-book December 30: Wonder Woman: Mythos released


Bullet-book November 3: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Princess released


Bullet-comic June 7: Wonder Woman v3 begins a 44 issue run
Bullet-game October 17: Justice League Heroes released


Bullet-game November 16: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe released


Bullet-film March 3: Wonder Woman animated movie released
Bullet-comic July 8: Wednesday Comics launched


Bullet-book April 27: The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia released
Bullet-comic June 30: Wonder Woman v3a begins a 15 issue run beginning with #600
Bullet-tv November 26: Young Justice premieres


Bullet-game January 11: DC Universe Online released
Bullet-tv NBC television pilot produced (never aired)
Bullet-tv July 26: Wonder Woman makes her first appearance on Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Bullet-comic September 21: Wonder Woman v4 begins a 2 issue run


Bullet-film March 10: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines released
Bullet-game June 19: a Lego version of Wonder Woman debuts in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


Bullet-game April 16: Injustice: Gods Among Us released
Bullet-comic July 19: Wonder Woman joins the Smallville TV universe with the Smallville: Olympus story arc
Bullet-comic October 29: Superman ⁄ Wonder Woman begins a 29 issue run


Bullet-book April 1: Wonder Woman Unbound released
Bullet-comic August 13: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman premieres digitally, runs for 51 digital and 17 print issues
Bullet-book October 28: The Secret History of Wonder Woman released


Bullet-comic May 6: Wonder Woman '77 premieres digitally, runs for 27 digital and 4 print issues
Bullet-comic November 12: The Legend of Wonder Woman premieres digitally, runs for 27 digital and 9 print issues


Bullet-film March 20: Gal Gadot debuts as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Bullet-comic April 12: Wonder Woman: Earth One: Volume One released
Bullet-comic June 8: Wonder Woman v5 launches with Rebirth #1
Bullet-comic September 28: The True Amazon released
Bullet-comic November 23: Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 launches
Bullet-tv November 26: Wonder Woman makes her first appearance on Justice League Action
Bullet-comic December 7: Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman launches


Bullet-comic January 25: The Odyssey of the Amazons launches
Bullet-book May 2: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Warrior released
Bullet-game May 11: Injustice 2 released
Bullet-book May 30: Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film released
Bullet-film June 2: Wonder Woman theatrical feature released
Bullet-book August 29: Wonder Woman: Warbringer released
Bullet-comic September 20: Wonder Woman ⁄ Conan launches
Bullet-film October 13: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women released
Bullet-film November 17: Justice League released


Bullet-comic February 1: The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman launches


Bullet-book April 9: The Wisdom of Wonder Woman released
Bullet-book August 13: What Is the Story of Wonder Woman? released


Bullet-film June 5: Wonder Woman 1984 released

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