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Book - The Journy Begins
The Journey Begins
Written by: Nina Jaffe
Illustrated by: Ben Caldwell
Published: March 16, 2004
Length: 64
ISBN: 0060565217

The Journey Begins is a Wonder Woman book for young readers. It is a short chapter book targeted at ages 7 to 10, with 23 black-and-white illustrations.

Official description

As Wonder Woman leaves Paradise Island to spread the Amazons' message of peace and justice, trouble erupts the world over. She suspects that Ares, the god of war, is to blame for this dark shadow of hatred.

Now the Amazon Princess must use all the tools at her command-her Golden Lasso of Truth, her silver bracelets, and, most important of all, her great wisdom and quick mind. But is she powerful enough to defeat the menace of Ares and restore peace to Mortals' World?


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