Spirit of Truth cover
Spirit of Truth
Release Date November 14, 2001

Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth is a large format comic book written by Paul Dini with art by Alex Ross.

Official description

Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth finds the amazon princess at an impasse. Despite her lofty goals and ideals for the world beyond Paradise Island, her message of peace, understanding, and fellowship is rejected because of the way she is perceived. Not every nation is willing to embrace her — despite her actions and best intentions. Wonder Woman puts down a terrorist junta, dispatches high-tech thieves and other troublemakers, but to advance her mission in man's world, she must seek the counsel of the only one she can trust.

Just as her lasso reveals falsehood and fabrication on the part of her enemies, Wonder Woman comes to uncover the truth behind who she is, what she represents, and the task ahead of her.

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