"Wonder Woman Arrives in Man's World"
Series Sensation Comics
Issue # 1
Cover Date January 1942
Next Issue Sensation Comics #2


Wonder Woman returns Steve Trevor to America in her invisible plane. Leaving him at the hospital, she finds a job working for promoter Al Kale. She later quits after learning that Kale is crooked and returns to visit a recovering Steve Trevor. Outside the hospital Wonder Woman bumps into a nurse named Diana Prince who looks just like her. Using the money she earned from Kale she convinces the nurse to let her take on her identity.

Disguised as the nurse, Diana visits Steve. Once fully recovered Steve returns to work with Army Intelligence and chases down a spy ring. Diana saves Steve’s life again and helps him bust up the spies. When Steve returns with tales of a Wonder Woman, people are skeptical, but his nurse Diana Prince knows the truth.


  • Diana reads a copy of Sensation Comics #1 in Wonder Woman v2 #147 as a chronicle of her mother's adventures as Wonder Woman in the 1940s. She communicates her frustration to Chiron that the publishers got some of the details wrong.
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