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Queen Bee
Real name Zazzala
Debut Justice League of America #23 (November 1963)
Created by Gardner Fox
Affiliations Injustice League
Secret Society of Super Villains
Abilities venomous darts, mind-confusing pollen
Played by Abby Craden

Queen Bee is the name of a supervillain and archenemy of the Justice League. She has been thwarted by Wonder Woman on at least four occasions.


The leader of the hiveworld Korll, Zazzala lives only for the interstellar expansion of her species. Zazzala clashed frequently with the Justice League of America.

Zazzala agrees when Lex Luthor contacts her to join Injustice League. She also participates in other battles by herself against the Justice League. In one such scheme, her main effort is concentrated upon the city of New York. She forces many of the citizens to craft an 'egg matrix' out of local supplies as a way to secure even more mind-control. She attempts to brainwash Green Lantern and Steel, but both heroes are able to fight it off; Huntress encouraged Green Lantern to resist the pollen, and Steel's suit protects him from the pollen's effects. Using the Queen Bee's inability to see the colour red, which many of the superheroes had in their costumes, Wonder Woman and Big Barda keep the Queen's forces occupied while Steel and Plastic Man get the drop on the Queen. Utilizing a Boom Tube, technology controlled by Barda, they teleport the Queen and her army back to Korll.

Later, The Queen becomes the leader of the H.I.V.E., a multi-national criminal enterprise. A small team of villains, known as the Secret Six, attack her base as part of a war against H.I.V.E. Her forces are defeated, the base's prisoner, Firestorm, is freed and Zazzala herself is badly wounded. One Year Later, Zazzala reappears, fully healed from her injuries, and attempting to steal a matter transportation device that will appear to allow her to transport her troops to earth. She is defeated by Wonder Woman and captured by The Flash.

Powers and Abilities

Zazzala has insect-like superhuman strength and speed, can fire venomous stinger darts, or release mind-confusing "pollen" powder. She and her drones are unable to perceive the color red.

In other media

  • In Justice League Unlimited, Queen Bee is seen as a member of Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society in the third season premiere, but she does not make a full appearance in the animated series. However, in the episode "Far From Home," Supergirl fights robotic duplicates of Zazzala and Doctor Cyber for training purposes.