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Peony McGill Star-Blossom
Real name Peony McGill
Debut Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special
December 2016
Created by Gail Simone and Colleen Doran
Abilities Chlorokinesis

Peony McGill is a little girl who possesses the power to make flowers do anything.

She made her debut in "Big Things One Day Come" from the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special where she happens upon Wonder Woman relieving Superman from a battle with Titano. Peony makes her presence known when she tells the ape to leave Wonder Woman alone, and identifies herself as Star-Blossom while unloading a barrage of flora on Titano. Wonder Woman eventually severs the Kryptonite tubes fueling Titano with Venom, and subdues the creature. After a brief exchange, Peony is disappointed that Wonder Woman has not yet imparted any wisdom on her during their first team-up. Wonder Woman calls her "Princess Bouquet" and tells her that it's not her place to tell anyone how one life serves others. After admitting that she has Wonder Woman's action figure, Wonder Woman says that someday she might have Peony's, too, and offers to let her drive the Invisible Plane.

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