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Myth Monster Mayhem
Myth Monster Mayhem
Written by: Steve Korte
Illustrated by: Omar Lozano
Published: August 1, 2019
Length: 112 pages
ISBN: 978-1496584397

Myth Monster Mayhem is a Wonder Woman book for young readers. The story is a "You Choose" book, similar to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, with multiple possible endings.

Official description

Ares, the god of war, has unleashed mythological mayhem on New York City! Does Wonder Woman confront the raging Minotaur? Should she fly off to fight the fury of the Harpies? Will the Amazon warrior tame the towering waterspout terrorizing the harbor? In this interactive story, YOU CHOOSE the path Wonder Woman should take. With your help, she'll take on Ares' Myth Monster Madness!

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