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Myndi Mayer 01
Myndi Mayer
Real name Myndi Mayer
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #7 (August 1987)
Created by George Pérez
Affiliations Wonder Woman
Abilities Publicist

Myndi Mayer was first seen plotting to become Wonder Woman's publicist.


Before being hired, Myndi Mayer was seen doodling potential secret identity names for Diana (and in a reference to the Silver Age, Diana Prince was written but discarded.) She was displayed as a very ostentatious woman, very interested in appearance and otherwise not very empathetic. She initially approached Julia Kapatelis in order that she could talk to Wonder Woman on her behalf but Julia was initially reluctant. After seeing Diana having some difficulty dealing with the press and failing to convey her message of peace, Julia decided that maybe they should meet after all. Myndi downplayed her appearance appearing in more relaxed clothing so that she could impress Diana. After being hired Myndi, displayed the same behaviour as before and was at times ruthless in terms of appearances and merchandising. When Myndi arranged a tribute to Wonder Woman in the Boston Common, Wonder Woman was attacked by the Silver Swan and some of Diana's inner circle began to question Myndi's intentions.

Upon returning from a visit to Greece, Diana was shocked to find that Myndi was dead. An investigation into the death found that Myndi had been corrupted by her newfound status as Diana's publicist, and that some people were interested in seeing her dead. Despite being found after being assaulted, it was concluded that Myndi had already been dead as the result of a drug overdose. She is also sometimes credited as Myndi.

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