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Micah Rains
Micah Rains
Real name Micah Rains
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #73 (April 1993)
Created by William Messner-Loebs

Micah Rains is a private detective and ally of Wonder Woman.


Micah Rains is a low-end private detective based in Boston, Massachusetts. After Diana returned from an extended adventure in space she met Micah as a customer at her then new job Taco Whiz. Due to Themyscira disappearing, thus taking her financial assets, Diana was forced to take on a job at the Mexican fast-food chain in order to make ends meet. Soon after that meeting Diana found Micah in a mafia shoot-out down the street. A woman had hired Micah to retrieve her kidnapped daughter from her mafioso ex-husband. The retrieval didn't go as planned and Diana had to deflect a bullet fired at Micah before it could do any damage. Diana then subdued Antonio Sazia. Thankful for Diana's help, Micah offered Diana a job as a partner in his Private Investigations agency. Diana soon after discovered that not only was Micah heavily in debt, but that his office was actually a bar stool at a local pub.

Despite the advice of Ed Indelicato, Diana helped on some of Micah's cases. After some personal trials Diana decided to take their business partnership to the next level and opened up a structured office space for Micah's and her new detective agency. Her friend Donna Milton, who was secretly Circe in disguise, acted as the agency's lawyer and took care of their books. After Donna regained her memories as Circe, she and Diana left the business leaving Micah to take back full ownership of the company.

Diana and Micah have kept in contact over the years. At one point he helped to locate Vanessa Kapatelis when she temporarily went missing.

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