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Debut Sensation Comics #6 (June 1942)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Harry G. Peter
Affiliations Paradise Island
Abilities Amazon metalworker

Metala is an Amazon metalworker who crafted Wonder Woman's lasso.

As commanded by Aphrodite and Athena, Queen Hippolyta instructed the craftswomen of Paradise Island to make a lasso from the magic girdle that grants the Amazons invincibility. Made of millions of unbreakable fine chain links, Metala wove segments of the girdle into a flexible rope that would be strong enough to hold Hercules. Upon completion, she presented it to the Queen as the slenderest chain ever made.

Diana found the "chain-rope" to be perfectly balanced. She tested it out first on Metala, lassoing her feet and pulling her to the ground. "Awk! The Princess doesn't know her own strength!

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