aka Lillian

  • I live in My body (sometimes)
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is being here and also Queer
  • I am Female
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  • Hi, welcome to Wonder Woman Wiki, and thanks for your contributions!

    Please take some time to look over our FAQ and Guidelines at Special:Community (it's also linked in the GET STARTED button on the right-hand side of every article, for future reference), and leave a message here if there's anything you need help with.


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    • I'm not asking questions answered in #3 I'm pointing out flawed logic in #3 used to validate blocking a user on Fandom for contributing appropriate, accurate, basic sense and non-harmful information being met with an immediate block after only glancing over them because a moderator took a quick glance and decided that a wiki operating like a wiki overwhelmed them and was rude.

      If you fail to recognize that i would suggest to re-examine the breakdown of Fandom/wiki operations, algorithms, fan contribution, superhero wiki structure, and the functions of the category tool in #4.

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    • I'm not sure what it is you don't understand, but I'll try to reiterate as simply as possible:

      • I looked at the wiki on my mobile device with limited tools and time at my disposal.
      • Saw no end to hundreds of edits I was going to have to clean up later because a new user hadn't read the rules that were left on their message wall upon arrival.
      • I was unable to communicate a coherent warning at the time.
      • As a precautionary measure, I issued a two hour block until I could properly assess the situation.

      The block has ended, I've explained my reasonings, and you're still pushing back for some reason.

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