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Mala 02
Real name Mala
Debut All Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
Created by William Moulton Marston, Harry G. Peter
Affiliations Themyscira
Abilities Themyscirian level super-strength, super-speed, and Amazon training

Mala is a recognized member of Amazon society on Themyscira. Mala has occasionally doubled for Wonder Woman when the situation has called for it.



The Golden-Age Mala.

Mala was one of the most important Amazons in the Golden Age adventures of Wonder Woman. A childhood friend of Diana's, Mala was with her when they discovered Steve Trevor floating in the sea, and they worked together to bring him to shore. Mala was also the last Amazon standing alongside a masked Diana during the contest to determine who would venture into Man's World as the Amazon champion.

Mala became the head of the Reform Island program for rehabilitating criminals and the criminally insane. She was typically wearing a polka dotted dress while in this position.

Mala possessed her own plane, the Swan Plane, which could travel at super speeds, though not as fast as Wonder Woman's invisible plane nor telepathically controlled. Mala was also one of the few Amazons to venture into Man's World, though by accident, when her plane was hijacked by Mimi Mendez.

Mala was skilled enough in the Amazons' advanced science to be trusted by Wonder Woman to work alongside Baroness Paula Von Gunther to perfect a device Wonder Woman created to install telepathic controls in the invisible plane.

Mala was largely forgotten in the Silver Age, although she reappeared in several dream sequences. In one, Diana was forced to assume the throne of Paradise Island immediately prior to the Contest, and Mala won to become Wonder Woman. When the White Magician cast illusion spell on Wonder Woman. In the illusion, Diana imagined herself on Themyscira where Mala and several other Amazons were debasing themselves before male visitors to the island. It was revealed that Mala had participated in the second Contest to become Wonder Woman (losing to Artemis). Both times Mala was a finalist, showing she is a very capable warrior.

Powers and Abilities

Themyscirian level super-strength, super-speed, and Amazon training.

In other media

  • Mala has appeared in the animated film Wonder Woman, released in March 2009. Mala was only shown and not specifically named in the film, but the film's novelization confirms her as Diana's final competitor.
  • Mala has also appeared in the animated film Justice League: New Frontier. Diana debates and spars with Mala before the Centre appears and devastates Paradise Island. Mala is shown as having the equal ability of Diana (she is able to wound her with her sword), and ready to put their dispute aside when threatened.
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