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Justice League Amazons
Justice League of Amazons
Founded by Wonder Woman
Notable Members Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Huntress, Big Barda, Zatanna, Black Orchid
Status disbanded
Base Amazon River

The Justice League of Amazons was formed by Wonder Woman and she led the team consisting of Supergirl, Huntress, Big Barda, Zatanna, Power Girl, and Black Orchid.


Justice League Amazons1

The goal of the Justice League of Amazons was to use their powers and abilities to "protect and defend mother earth and her children." The women went to the Selva Basin to investigate the disappearance of some logging camps. When they arrived, they found a group of loggers who were about to start taking down some of the rainforest. However, there was a shaman standing in their way and preventing them from moving forward. The loggers attacked the shaman and the Justice League of Amazons and a fight broke out. The Justice League of Amazons were able to easily defeat the loggers. After the fight, the shaman returned to his home and it was revealed that he was actually the Advance Man in disguise. He had used the Justice League of Amazons to remove the loggers from the area so that he would be able to find an unknown spider that carried a virus capable of "exterminating the human surplus." While the Justice League of Amazons were relaxing at the Amazon River, Aquaman appeared with several other heroes and they asked Power Girl to join them and the rest of the "Justice League of Atlantis".

Justice Leagues was a six-issue crossover event published by DC Comics in 2001, which introduced a revamped Justice League of America. In the mini-series, alien invaders used Hector Hammond, a telepathic supervillain, to make the world forget that the Justice League of America had ever existed, only to find the individual members of the Justice League instinctively creating new crime-fighting organizations beginning with the "Justice League of A" to fill the void. Each issue was supposedly the first of a new series featuring one of the alternate teams, although they were really one-offs except the last, which featured the recreated Justice League of America.

Featured JLAs were the "Justice League of Aliens", led by Superman and the Martian Manhunter; the "Justice League of Amazons", led by Wonder Woman; the "Justice League of Arkham", led by Batman; and the "Justice League of Atlantis", led by Aquaman. Cameo appearances were made by the "Justice League of Adventure", led by the Flash (Wally West); the "Justice League of Air", led by Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner); the "Justice League of Anarchy", led by Plastic Man; and the "Justice League of Apostles", led by the angel Zauriel.


  • Justice League of Amazons was co created by writer and artist George Pérez along with artist Ethan Van Sciver.