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Justice League Dark is a comic book title launched in 2018 featuring Wonder Woman leading a team of mystical allies consisting of Zatanna, Man-Bat, Detective Chimp, and Swamp Thing. The title has been used for various other media, including a 2017 animated film with Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman.

Official description

When something goes bump in the night, Wonder Woman plans to bump back.

After the death of the God of Wonder from the other side of the Source Wall in the pages of NO JUSTICE, the Tree of Wonder sprouted from the body of thjs galactic threat and became a lightning rod for a magical realm trying to bust through to the DC Universe. Wonder Woman, searching to connect with her mystical side, assembles a team to combat the new threats.

"Wonder Woman is desperate to understand this world, a world she's more connected to than she's ever known; she is going to face a kind of fear she hasn't felt since she was a child," says James Tynion IV, writer of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK series.

Wonder Woman travels to every corner of the DCU trying to find any magic-wielder who will stand by her side. Many ignored the call, but the people who answered are some of the wildest (and weirdest) members in Justice League Dark history.

Diana brings together veteran members Zatanna and Swamp Thing with newcomers Detective Chimp and Man-Bat. Together, they'll protect the world from the new horrors emerging from the shadows.

Tynion, who will be teaming with his DETECTIVE COMICS collaborator, Alvaro Martinez, says he wanted a mix of high-profile and lesser-known DC icons. "I didn't want it to be magic's heaviest hitters, who already know every nook and cranny of DC's shadows," says Tynion of the series launching July 25. "You can't write a horror story if your protagonist isn't afraid."

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