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Injustice League
Founded by Lex Luthor
Status villains
Base Hall of Doom

The opposite of the Justice League is the Injustice League; a team dedicated to destruction. Major villains part of this team are the Joker, Lex Luthor and the Cheetah.

Lex Luthor, Joker, and Cheetah III (widely regarded as the archenemies of the JLA's three primary members: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) formed an Injustice League, as first seen in the Justice League of America Wedding Special. The Core Members of the team comprise of a select group of various arch-nemeses. Lex Luthor has the idea to bring the villains together, claiming it was a protection racket first but with the ultimate aim of conquering the United States. During the storyline, the Injustice League splits up and manages to capture the Justice League members in small groups. However, the JLA is freed by Firestorm, and it battles the Injustice League at its swamp headquarters. In the ensuing melee, many of the villains flee (later to attack Black Canary and Green Arrow's wedding), but most are taken captive by the League. It is revealed at this time that Lex Luthor actually had a secret goal in forming the league. He refuses to reveal details, but mentions that he planned for his capture.


Membership includes:

Besides the founding members, the first members of the Injustice League included: