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IRAC profile
IRAC / "Ira"
Real name Information Retrieval Associative Computer
Debut "The Return of Wonder Woman" (September 1977)
Affiliations IADC
Abilities computer processing
Played by Tom Kratochvil

IRAC is the "Information Retrieval Associative Computer" for the IADC.

Affectionately referred to as "Ira", IRAC is equipped with an extensive database of information to assist agents working for the IADC. Unlike most computers from the time, IRAC is programmed to emulate emotional responses, and has a personality for building rapport with humans. In this guise, IRAC knows that IADC agent Diana Prince doubles as Wonder Woman, and although it protects her secret, it uses the information to jest with Agent Prince.

Beginning in season two's "IRAC is Missing", a mobile Rover is used as an extension to IRAC in the IADC offices.


In earlier episodes featuring IRAC, sound effects from Star Trek are used for its system processing.

Behind the scenes, IRA (IRAC) was constructed from the body of a 1976 Hazeltine Modular One computer terminal. The CRT display was replaced by blinking lights resembling a Hasbro Lite-Brite toy and a gooseneck flexible microphone was added to the keyboard. 

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