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Hermes new52
Real name Hermes
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #1 (February 1987)
Created by George Pérez
Affiliations Gods of Olympus
Abilities Flight
Played by see In other media
Hermes with staff


Near the dawn of mankind, came a race of beings that the ancient Greeks, later known as gods. Enabled by the beliefs of their followers, each dominated certain aspects of the world. From Chaos came Gaea and Uranus, from their union came a race of Titans,which in turn were expelled when Zeus, son of Cronos their leader, killed his father and founded Olympus.

As worshipers spread throughout the Mediterranean, known as a Uxas (Darkseid),brought tales of Greek gods to a small village known as Roma, changing the names hetold their stories. To better oversee their two lands, they created avatars of themselves, one house remaining in Greece, the other in Rome. Over time, however, the two became beings of different pantheons, Zeus and Jupiter, Mercury and Hermes, Athena and Minerva, every one now a separate identity, rather than be one of two appearances. Divided by the worshipers, his power diminished, and both houses have fallen into myth. His influence is not completely gone. The Amazons of Themiscyra still worship the Greek pantheon, the gods and even speak to the Amazon. Hermes is an ally of Wonder Woman during his early adventures in the outside world.

Some years ago, Circe, seeking to gain supreme power over the universe, urging all pantheons around the world, even the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis, to fight a great war of the Gods. That was when Hermes went to the Flash so he could steal his speed to battle with Mercury. Hermes became a key player in the effort to thwart the plans of Circe, and Mercury joined with others to strengthen the power of Captain Marvel (and contributed to his original speed magic Shazam), but ultimately Hermes died at the hand of Circe. The aftermath of the war led to a reconciliation between the Greek and Roman pantheons. Eventually, the two houses, once again decided to merge, each becoming a Greek god to be with his Roman counterpart.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight
  • Immortality
  • God-Level Speed
  • God-Level Strength
  • Power Distribution
  • Super -Senses
  • Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)

In other media

  • Hermes appears in Justice League Unlimited, in episode "The Balance", voiced by Jason Bateman. Hermes found his way into Wonder Woman's room aboard the Watchtower. There, he handed her a message from Zeus, which made ​​Wonder Woman and Shayera work together to save Themyscira, Tartarus and the rest of the world.



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