Hallmark ornament 1996 Modern Era
1996 "Modern Era"
Hallmark ornament 1996
Hallmark ornament 2007 A Real Wonder
2007 "A Real Wonder"
Hallmark ornament 2009
Hallmark ornament 2015
This Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Christmas Tree Ornament was offered by Hallmark in July 2015. With the press of a button it played a cover of the Wonder Woman TV show theme song.

On the box: "With an iconic lead performance by actress Lynda Carter and an unforgettable theme song, Wonder Woman became an instant cultural phenomenon when it first appeared on TV screens across the nation. Each week, girls and boys of all ages gathered around their sets to follow the adventures of the Amazon princess, whose patriotic values and heroic deeds have thrilled and inspired legions of fans ever since."

Hallmark ornament 2016 Cape
Hallmark ornament BvS
2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Hallmark ornament DC Super Hero Girls 2016
2016 DC Super Hero Girls
Hallmark ornament Squeelys 2016
2016 Squeelys
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"Golden Age"
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Hallmark Sword Shield 2018 2019
2018 Walmart exclusive, general release 2019
Lynda Carter 2020 Hallmark ornament
Artist crafted by Kristina Gaughran
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