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Real name David Graves
Debut Justice League #6 (February 2012)
Created by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee

David Graves was an author who was once saved by the Justice League, leading him to write a book about them, but now seems to want them destroyed.


David Graves and his family come under attack by Darkseid's forces. Accepting what he believed to be his fate, and covering his children's eyes for their inevitable death, Graves and his family are saved by the superheroes that would eventually become the Justice League. After these events, Graves is inspired by the events to write a book about the team called Justice League: Gods Among Men.

Five years later, Grave's opinion on the Justice League seems to have changed, as he causes a biological incident in order to steal an artifact called the Orb of Ra. As he writes a manifesto, he believes the key to destroying the Justice League is through their government liaison Steve Trevor.

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