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Wonder Woman's Tiara
Golden Tiara
Debut All Star Comics #8
Type Mystic Item
Used by Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman's Golden Tiara is a red star ruby encrusted golden crown that she wears on her head that symbolizes her royal status on Themyscira.


The tiara was given to her along with the rest of the costume by her mother Queen Hippolyta.

With Wonder Woman's amazing superhuman strength, she can use it as a boomerang-like projectile weapon for long range attacks and defense and it's strong sharp metal is capable of cutting through anything.

It also gives Wonder Woman invulnerability from telepathic attacks, as well as allowing her to telepathically contact people such as her fellow Amazons back on Themyscira using the power of the red star ruby in its center.

It's design has changed through the years with the latest being worn by actress Gal Gadot.

In Other Media

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