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The Olympians
Founded by Zeus
Notable Members Jason, Achilles Warkiller, Euphemus
Base Thalarion

The Gargareans are a race of men created from the dead heroes of ancient times. They were named by their creator Zeus after the all-male tribe in Greek mythology who would mate with the Amazons annually in order to keep both tribes reproductive.

In DC continuity, Zeus dubs them Olympians, meant to replace the Amazons after their failure to bring peace to Man's World. They are assigned to live on the island of Thalarion, which houses a city of crystal, so that they would have no secrets, and a river of gold, so that they would feel no jealousy towards the outside world.

The leader of the Olympians was Jason, an honorable and brave man. But as the gods gifted the Amazons with Wonder Woman, Zeus gave the Gargareans a prime champion, and from the heart of the Hawaiian god Kane Milohai, he created Achilles Warkiller. Achilles, made by Zeus but adopted by Jason, would become their king. Soon the Thalarions began to spread their message of peace throughout the world, by storming the UN building and declaring the world leaders failures and attacking missile bases. This drew the attention of Wonder Woman who briefly fought Achilles, finding him a match.

Soon, however, treachery struck. Euphemus, Jason's second in command, and the son of Poseidon, was a follower of Ares, and under his orders, commanded the sea creatures to attack Thalarion and Themyscira. The Olympians and Amazons were forced to join forces to fight off the attack, and ultimately kill Ares. After this battle, Zeus makes Achilles king of Themyscira instead of Hippolyta, making Thalarions de facto in charge of the Amazons. Naturally, the Amazons don't like this one bit. Achilles, in need of allies among the Amazons, asks alkyone, the captain of Hippolyta's guard, to be his wife. This proves to be a mistake, as Alkyone has only one thing in mind: destroying Wonder Woman. To this end she summons a demon named Cottus, against which the Amazons and Olympians are forced to unite once more. With Cottus defeated and Alkyone and her circle dead, it seems peace will last between the two races.


  • The Gargareans were dubbed "Manazons" by fans for being presented as "man" versions of Amazons.
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