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Felix Faust
Debut "Paradise Lost" (January 2002)
Played by Robert Englund


Felix Faust had been an archaeologist with a heretic interest in occult arts. When Faust began researching the Dark Arts more and more, he was thrown out of his job as a teacher at a university. He swore to get revenge on the people who scorned him, and used sorcery to torture them. This gave him the opportunity he needed: to devote his life to the Dark Arts. He eventually came upon Lord Hades, a key to Tartarus, domain of Hades, Themyscira and more magic than he could deal with.Faust had made a deal with Hades himself - if Faust could free Hades, then Hades will provide Faust with "ultimate knowledge". When he got to Themiscrya, he froze every single one of the Amazons and began looking for the key. Wonder Woman showed up a short while later and was told the only way that her sisters and mother would be set free, would be for her to go around and gather the key. She had no choice but to oblige this request, so she set off, collected the three pieces and returned--but not without help from The Justice League.

Batman discovered from a former associate of Faust that the parts of the key would free the mad god Hades from the region where he was banished long ago. Thus, the League decided not to give Faust the key without a fight. However, Faust got the key and escaped.

Batman, Superman, J'onn J'onzz and The Flash assisted her in taking down not only Faust, but Lord Hades as well.Faust had managed to free Hades and even provided him with Hippolyta as a sacrifice. Hades betrayed Faust and aged him on the spot to a withered old man, claiming that, "Ultimately, pain and suffering are all mankind will ever know". Faust recovered enough to attack Hades, who was busy fighting Hippolyta and her allies. With a second attack, Hades completely annihilated Faust, reducing him to dust.

Felix Faust made additional (albeit out of continuity) appearances in Justice League Adventures #32 attempting to control various league members. He would then appear in Justice League Unlimited #26, helping Black Manta to conquer Atlantis.


  • His name is a reference to the story of Faust which is the story of a man who sold his soul to the devil.