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Eviless 01
Real name Eviless
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #10 (September 1944)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Affiliations Villainy Inc.
Saturnian Invasion Force
Abilities Skilled hand-to-hand combatant, wields a bullwhip


Eviless was introduced in Wonder Woman #10 (1944), but not formally by name until issue #28.

A slave driver from the subatomic world of Saturn, Eviless and Duke Mephisto Saturno (of the Saturnian Invasion Force) battled Wonder Woman. Although defeated by Wonder Woman, she later returned and freed several prisonors from Transformation Island (criminals previously captured by Wonder Woman), and banded them together as Villainy Inc. The team was unsuccessful against Wonder Woman, and were defeated and captured.


Villainy Inc. was lead by Queen Clea, and the existence of Eviless has not yet been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Eviless does not appear to have any super powers, but skillfully uses a whip to control her subjects. At times, she has appeared to put herself into a death-like trance at will.