"Hot Wheels"
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date September 29, 1978
Written by Dennis Landa
Director Dick Moder
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Wonder Woman helps Diana find a stolen antique Rolls Royce with top secret microfilm hidden somewhere inside.


Dianna hears his calls for help, checks out the situation and catches him as Wonder Woman when he falls off the building. She leaves him unconscious and interviews the shadow under the spell of the lasso, but she doesn't learn anything.

The IRAC computer analyzes the fingerprints and identifies the master car thief as Otis Fiskle, but it is not able to give a location. The computer is able to locate the next car they need for the next stage in the plan.

Inspector Bolt escapes his shadow and gets the tip from Steve that Diana is in a car going through a car wash that is going down an elevator. Bolt guesses its the same car wash he visited with Alfie, and he drives over there in his yellow two-door convertible, not knowing that it has been rigged with a bomb. When he arrives at the car wash, he learns that Dianna has been transferred to a green four-door sedan. He follows. When Steve warns him that his car is rigged with a bomb, he refuses to give up and continues all the way to Fiskles hideout. He gets out of the car just as it explodes.

It looks like Fiskle is about to pitch Diana down an old well, when Bolt arrives. Diana gets away and spins into Wonder Woman as Bolt tackles Fiskle into the pond. Alfie and Slim try to run off when Wonder Woman throws a pair of equestrian harnesses over their shoulders. The harnesses are connected, so they run into each other and trip over each other as they try to get away. Steve arrives in time to apprehend them, and Wonder Woman slips away to change back into Diana Prince.

Steve, Diana, Tim and Otis all go into Otis' where he shows them how to find the hood ornament. Diana opens it and finds the microfilm describing the missile system that American will need to defend herself against.



Diana Prince: Hey, Bolt. I've got the best idea since Women's Suffrage... why not use the keys?
Tim Bolt: That's us. The best team since Mickey... and Minnie.
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