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Debut Wonder Woman v2 Annual #1 (1988)
Created by George Pérez
Affiliations Themyscira
Abilities Amazon
Played by see In other media

Egeria is an Amazon who died defending Themyscira.

The first Amazon to fall after the exile of her people to an island isolated from the rest of the world, Egeria served as Captain of the Guard. During the earliest days of building Themyscira, Egeria led a charge against a near breach of Death's Doorway to Tartarus. She held back demonic forces while ordering her sisters to seal the breach with freshly cut lumber which crushed her to death.

Following her passing, Philippus, who assisted her in the fateful battle, became Captain of the Guard.

A temple was built in her honor to ensure her entry into the Elysian Fields, inside of which stands a statue in her likeness; the first of many Amazons who have died fighting to defend the island.

In other media

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