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Diana Goddess of the Hunt
Debut War of the Gods #2 (October 1991)
Affiliations Roman Gods
Abilities deity

Diana is the god of the hunt, the moon, and nature from Roman mythology; the counterpart to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt from Greek mythology.

Diana is mentioned in Wonder Woman's very first appearance in All Star Comics #8. When Hippolyte names her daughter champion in the contest to return Steve Trevor to the United States, she names her "Diana, after your godmother, the goddess of the moon!"

In the six-part story, "The Game of the Gods", Diana is a key player in The Shattered God's attempt to reboot the universe with itself as its supreme power. She begins with an attack on Themyscira with the beast called Scylla, engaging in combat with Artemis of Bana-Mighdall and turning the Amazons to statues of gold, marble, silver, and bronze. (Wonder Woman v2 #191)

Diana later battles her namesake, Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) at Mount Olympus. Wonder Woman finds her looting the home of the gods in their absence, stunned to see her wearing her own Bracelets of Submission. Although she's de-powered at the time, Wonder Woman eventually bests Diana by making her look look into the reflection of the Bracelets. Stunned, Diana falls back as a giant statue of Zeus crushes her beneath. In her dying breath, she confesses to bargaining away her honor so as not to become "part of Artemis again". (Wonder Woman v2 #192)

The Shattered God later revealed that it was Diana who betrayed the gods, resulting in their captivity. (Wonder Woman v2 #194)

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