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Diana's Daughter is the working title for a forthcoming Wonder Woman comic book story to be written by Greg Rucka for DC Comics' Black Label.


It's been 20 years since the world stopped looking to the skies for hope, help, and inspiration. Now the world keeps its eyes down, and the powers that have risen have every intention of keeping things that way. Amongst a scattered, broken resistance, a young woman seeks to reclaim what has been forgotten, and on the way will learn the truth about herself, her heritage, and her destiny.[1]

Wonder Woman's disappearance plunges the world into a dystopian fall for 20 years. Writer Greg Rucka (BATWOMAN) introduces Diana's daughter on a search for both her mother and her place in the new, chaotic world. Wonder Woman's offspring must discover what her mother's legacy means and save the world before it reaches its breaking point.[2]


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