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Real name Deimos
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #183 (August 1969)
Created by Dennis O'Neill
Affiliations Gods of Olympus
Abilities Immortal
Played by John DiMaggio

Deimos is the God of Terror.


Born from the union of Ares and Aphrodite, Deimos was a crafty and influential minor God who had received his father's favor. He, along with his brother Phobos, dwelt in the netherworld and aided his father when he planned to ignite a war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Deimos used his power of persuasion to incite hatred between countries. When he was confronted by Wonder Woman, Deimos used his serpentine beard to strangle the Amazon. However, she was eventually able to overcome his snakes and decapitated him using her tiara.

Deimos returned much later, having been freed from the Underworld by Phobos. The brothers, along with their sister Eris, possessed the bodies of three of Batman's enemies. Deimos took control of the Joker, but was unable to hold the grasp for long. Eventually, Wonder Woman defeated the children of Ares, and the God of War appeared before them. He expressed his disgust, then banished them back to the Underworld.

In other media

Deimos appears in the Wonder Woman animated film as an agent of Ares. He attacks Wonder Woman and is depicted as similar to his comics form, though much larger and muscular. He is defeated by Wonder Woman and sent to Hades.

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