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Real name Cydippe
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #1 (February 1987)
Created by George Pérez
Affiliations Amazons
Abilities Amazon


Cydippe is a royal handmaiden or lady-in-waiting to Hippolyta of Themiscyra She was first seen following her queen when the latter went for a nude stroll along an island beach. Cydippe placed a wrap around the body of the queen. She was later part of a group send to New York City She has taken to caring about Diana and Donna Troy in their spa baths. She also guarded Diana during her sleep and comforted her fellow Amazon when she suffered from nightmares.

Powers and Abilities

Cydippe has the powers of an average Amazon. This means she is three to five time stronger than a peak human female athlete. She also has heightened speed and endurance in comparison to a human. She is immortal while remaining in Themyscira.

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