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Captain Wonder
Real name Doctor Psycho/Steve Trevor
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #289
Abilities Super-strength, agility, flight

Captain Wonder is a supervillain who was created by combining Doctor Psycho and Steve Trevor. He battled Wonder Woman on several occasions and was a love interest to the original Silver Swan.


Doctor Psycho discovered he could use a strange substance form of ectoplasm, and materialize it on Earth in whatever form he willed. He eventually discovered he could use Steve Trevor with the substance. After capturing Trevor, he used a machine to draw ectoplasm from Trevor's mind in the form of Trevor's idealized, super-powered fantasy image of himself. Doctor Psycho inhabited the ectoplasmic form and battled Wonder Woman using the name Captain Wonder. Captain Wonder attacks Wonder Woman repeatedly, and teams up with fellow Wonder Woman foe Silver Swan.

As Captain Wonder, Psycho fell in love with the Swan, an ugly young woman, whom Mars had transformed into a super-powered beauty. Captain Wonder helps the Swan rope in Wonder Woman. They opted to take the captive heroine to the White House and kill her before the eyes of President of the United States. But Mars appears to the Swan and demands that she order Captain Wonder to send the Robot Plane crashing into the White House and thus murder the President. However, Steve Trevor awakens from Dr. Psycho's spell and is able to break Psycho's ability to maintain his Captain Wonder persona. Psycho crashes to Earth unharmed and Wonder Woman is able to break free. Both Captain Wonder and Silver Swan were defeated by Wonder Woman and eventually reverted back to their original forms.

Captain Wonder returned for one more battle against Wonder Woman. He participated in a battle arranged behind the scenes by the Monitor as one of the tests he launched to prepare for the coming multiversal crisis. Captain Wonder appeared late one night in a Pentagon storage facility, encountering the Angle Man, Silver Swan, and the Cheetah. Captain Wonder teams up with the villains against Etta Candy (whom they wrongly believe is Wonder Woman). They were defeated when Etta Candy used Doctor Psycho's ectoplasmitron to create for herself a superpowered identity based on Wonder Woman.

Powers and Abilities

Created from the fantasies of Steve Trevor, Captain Wonder has powers similar to Wonder Woman's, based on his fantasy only more intense (i.e., stronger, faster, etc.). Captain Wonder possesses superhuman strength and speed. He is capable of true flight as opposed to what was then Amazonian flight, gliding on air currents. He wears Amazonian-style bracelets but it is unknown whether they functioned as Wonder Woman's bracelets do. He was able to take mental control of both Wonder Woman's invisible plane and her golden Lasso of Truth.

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