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{{Infobox Object
{{Infobox Object
|image=[[File:Wonder Woman-7.jpg|250px]]
|image=[[File:Bracelets of Submission.jpg|250px]]
|Object name=Bracelets of Submission
|Object name=Bracelets of Submission
|official=Bracelets of Submission
|official=Bracelets of Submission

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The Bracelets of Submission are effectively unbreakable. Combined with Wonder Woman's heightened reflexes and senses it allows her a high degree of protection against projectile and ranged attacks.


The Bracelets of Submission are a pair of indestructible steel cuffs worn by all Amazons of Paradise Island. They serve as a reminder of the years when the Amazons were subjugated under the rule of the treacherous Hercules. Years after gaining their independence however, the Amazons continued to wear the Bracelets as a symbol of their past oppression. Wonder Woman continued to wear a pair of these metal cuffs, each one decorated with a red star along the band. She often used the bracelets to deflect gunfire, small missiles and other projectile weaponry.

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