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Blue Snowman
Real name Byrna Brilyant
Debut Sensation Comics #59 (November 1946)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Affiliations Villainy Inc.
Abilities Used a telescopic snow ray to create and reverse blizzards


Blue Snowman's first appearance.

Byrna Brilyant's scientist father died while working on his invention of "blue snow," a special form of precipitation that freezes everything it touches. This invention was intended to "serve humanity," although precisely how seems rather vague. Thinking to put her father's work to more profitable use, Byrna creates the masculine identity of the Blue Snow Man and unleashes the petrifying power of blue snow upon the farming community of Fair Weather Valley, demanding each farmer's "life savings" in return for the chemical antidote that will free crops, livestock, and people from the snow's effects. The Blue Snow Man is discovered in "his" mountain sanctuary by Wonder Woman, who forces "him" to defrost the valley.

The Blue Snow Man, like many of Wonder Woman's enemies, is sentenced to prison on the Amazon penal colony Transformation Island, but in 1948 she and seven other female super-villains escape and pool their talents as Villainy Inc.; led by the Saturnian slaver Eviless, the evil eight are again defeated by Wonder Woman.

Byrna, also known as the Blue Snow Man, retained her male appearance and name in this second appearance, but what if anything is to be made of her choice of criminal identities is unknown.


Blue Snowman attempted to steal a diamond, which brought her into conflict with Power Girl and Dr. Mid-Nite. She battled them, showing off her new costume and abilities, but was quickly defeated. When the alien Vartox appeared, Blue Snowman smelled his musk and fell in love with him, tearing her mask off. A creature suddenly attacked, and in order to save Vartox, Blue Snowman used her blue snow as a diversion, which caused the monster to devour her. It is unknown if she survived.

New 52

Blue Snowman was seen briefly battling Wonder Woman and her ally Hessia with many of her robot minions. She was quickly defeated, and presumably incarcerated.

Powers and Abilities

The Blue Snow Man possessed no superhuman powers; she relied upon a "telescopic snow ray" which she used to create petrifying blizzards and a "defroster ray" to reverse their effect.