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Real name Bast
Debut Wonder Woman v2 Annual #4 (1995)
Affiliations Egyptian Gods, member of Amazon patron goddess grouping
Abilities Immortality, Enchanted Senses, Animal Empathy, Animal Control

Bast is a fictional character initially introduced into the Wonder Woman mythos by Kate Worley and more elaborately by Phil Jimenez.

Bast is a member of a grouping of goddesses that are primarily worshipped by the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall, based on the deities of Egyptian mythology.


Bast was first involved in Wonder Woman's adventures when she appeared to Diana among a grouping of other goddesses in an attempt to aid her in forming a newly reinvigorated Paradise Island. Bast remained on Olympus with Isis and other Egyptian goddesses, even staying for the moment where Athena dethroned Zeus as its ruler. She eventually returned to her own realm, where she was last seen refusing a plea for help from Diana to save her mother's life.

Another minor character that appeared previously in the second Wonder Woman title also took the name Bast, but this was a male who actually belonged to the alien species that resided in the ancient subterranean city of Lansinar[1]. This character should not be confused with the female Egyptian deity.


Cat Eye claims to be the reincarnation of Bast.



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