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Book - Amazon Princess
Amazon Princess
Written by: Nina Jaffe
Illustrated by: Ben Caldwell
Published: March 16, 2004
Length: 64
ISBN: 0060565225

Amazon Princess is a Wonder Woman book for young readers. It is a short chapter book targeted at ages 7 to 10, with 28 black-and-white illustrations.

Official description

Diana, princess of the Amazons, has been given many special gifts by the gods. Now the threat of evil is spreading over Mortals' World, and the Amazons must send an ambassador to teach the ways of peace. A great contest will be held to choose this champion. Eager to prove herself, Diana enters the competition in disguise. But is she the fastest, the strongest, and the bravest? And will her mother, the queen, permit Diana to go to Mortals' World to fulfill her true destiny-as Wonder Woman?


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