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Real name Aleka
Debut Wonder Woman v4 #2 (October 2011)
Created by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang
Affiliations Amazons
Abilities Combat training, Enhanced Strength

Aleka is an Amazon of Paradise Island.


Aleka was a childhood friend of princess Diana. When they were younger they used to spar and it was hinted that she felt an attraction to the young princess, although when Diana expressed desire to see the outside world Aleka saw this as abandonment and spitefully refeered to her as her cruel nick name "Clay." Ending their friendship and starting a bitter rivalry.

After Diana retrieved a harpy egg Aleka on her 12th birthday Aleka asked Hippolyta to challenge Diana to a match, intending to beat her with full force. Diana gained the upper hand but Aleka refused to surrender to her and mockingly called her "Clay." Angry and hurt Diana beat her until she finally yielded.

Years later as an adult Aleka grows into a huge woman, taller and broader than Wonder Woman. Though still her inferior in combat.

When the island is ravaged by Eris and many amazons are slaughtered because Diana brought Zola to the island to protect her and her unborn baby from Hera's wrath. Aleka held Diana responsible and referred to her as "Clay" once more, only to be scolded by Eris for referring to her princess as such. At the burning of her deceased amazons Aleka interrupts the pristess's speech to denounce Diana. After Diana learns the truth of her origins and rummages the forest, Aleka accuses her of bringing shame to the island only to be knocked out by Diana. Who then leaves the island.

When Diana's true origins were revealed, Hera confronted Hippolyta and turned her into a clay statue, Aleka and the other Amazons were also turned to snakes for defending her.

When the firstborn was to be fought Hera restored the amazons so Diana could lead them, but was unable to restore Hippolyta for some reason. Aleka continued to disrespect Diana until Hera playfully made her begin to change again. Aleka voiced disgust of Diana's orders as queen to protect Zeke as he was a boy and her idea to let the male amazons help in the battle.

Despite this Diana left her in-charge of protecting Zola and Aleka developed somewhat of a respect for her as queen. Aleka gave a speach to her sisters that though they were fighting along men they were still their blood and willing to fight for them, which was enough for her. Unfortunatley she died protecting Zola, her dying words to Zola were "sorry."

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Master of Armed and Unarmed Combat
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