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Debut Wonder Woman v2 #10
(November 1987)
Created by Len Wein and George Pérez
Affiliations Amazons
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Acantha is an Amazon who takes up residence on Themyscira.

Following Wonder Woman's return home from her first venture into Patriarch's World, Queen Hippolyta presided over a council to determine what would be done with the knowledge Princess Diana had returned with. To counter Philippus's military take on the situation, Acantha and Mnemosyne countered with an academic interpretation. Having read translations of books from the outside world, Acantha posited that man had changed very little throughout the centuries, but that some of the women who lived among them could been seen as their lost Amazon sisters. She also noted that two events potentially tied the Amazons to the American flag: the recent incident with Ares, and another with Diana Trevor, the American pilot who fought beside the Amazons. (Wonder Woman v2 #10)

Acantha was also present during the battle in Washington, DC. (Amazons Attack, Supergirl v5 #20)

In other media

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